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best cloud hosting company

How to decide the best Cloud Hosting Provider

 When things are changing fast, you don't want to be one lagging behind. Cloud Computing is the future and almost every company is moving its business on the cloud. 

When it comes to hosting files, apps, websites or data on cloud, you need to make a wise deicion of chosing an affordable cloud host that satisfies all your needs. If you are a startup or a small-medium company, you focus more on cost cutting but at the same time data security is important too. There are some parameters you should keep in mind while deicing the best cloud host for your business.

Before you chose a VPS Cloud Hosting Company

best cloud hosting company

Below are some important points that you should consider before deciding a cloud hosting company for your business. Addtionally some quick notes have also been written to help you find the best cloud host.

1. Data security

First thing first. Your data is important and you must look for the provisions they have for the security of your data.

  • Do they offer free or paid backup service.
  • What will happen in case of a crash.
  • What if they lose your data.
  • How secure is your data center from natural clamities and man made hacks.
  • How secure is your credit card information with them

These are some genuine questions you may ask to sales chat before your next step. Addtiionally you may ask them if they have any certifications to satisfy your quest. (such as PCI complaince for payments)

2. Technical support & server management

If you are going to host a website on cloud, you need to be very concerned about the tech support.

I remember a case where a friend of mine had hosted his wordpress blog on a cPanel powered cloud. Just a minor glitch with apache config file became a nightmare as the host surrendered to provide any support on cPanel. They will ready to assist if he could explain the exact problem but the vendor had no idea of wordpress or cPanel so they refused and he ended up changing his host. (Always ask the provider about how deep they will support you, ask if you will get managed or unmanaged cloud)

Also try to ask what methods of support they provide. Email or Chat or ticketing support. Also the working hours, if they work 24*7 or if they keep weekends off. Believe me, this is very crucial when you get stuck and need an emergency help.

3. Datacenter & Server locations

Always ask the location of the datacenter. Multiple location gives you the freedom to chose the nearest server that gives you additional benefits of data processing speed.

Also ask your vendor about the security of data center against natural disasters and facilities to protect the DC from digital theieves.

Another important question about the server location is the complaince of the local government. Ask if the local government has no issues with the content you are going to host. (Suppose you are running a gambling website and the local govt policies are against it, it can create big trouble for you). The best answer to this concern is SSAE 16 certification which assures the security of your data

4. Pricing model

Cloud has an addtional benefit of pay as you use model. You pay for what you actually use. Traditional hosting comes up with agreement or SLA where you have to pay annually or monthly but cloud has an edge where you can pay hourly.

Always ask your cloud hosting provider if they offer such model. hourly billing is beneficial when you want to use the cloud for a few days. You just pay the bill accordingly instead of the whole monthly payment.

5. Reviews & reputation

The best way to recognize a company is by its reputation. You can search ther reviews of the company at various online forums. (make sure the reviews are not older than 1 year).

Focus more on negative review and try to understand the seriousness of the review. Analyze how serious is the most negative review about the vendor.

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Addtional Notes to consider

  • Always prefer a company which offers trail of its product. start the trail and first of all check their support and observe how they respond. Take your final decision accordingly.
  • Ask for a dedicated IP and always perform a blacklist check to see if your IP has not been blacklisted (check here)
  • Pay atleast 5 minutes reading the data center where you are going to be hosted. It should be secure and atleast Tear 3+.
  • Always ask the renewal price, web hosts often catch customers by introducing low first month prices that goes straight up next month.
  • Pre-purchase verification of credit card or your name verification might seems time consuming but take them in positive way. If a company is doing that, they are serious about business.
  • If the host is asking further about the kind of your business and the files you are going to host on the server, it is a positive sign. Coordinate them well.
  • Check their client database, to whom they have served and who recommends them. A company is recognized by their client base
  • Never ever ever purchase any service from resellers. There are many companies in market who only resel products of a certain cloud company. They are immature, inexperienced and greedy. Most of the time, you end up wasting your money & data. 


cPanel Level 1 Certified from cPanel University. Linux System Admin.

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