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What is Private Cloud

As per the definition of US National Institutes of Standards and Technology’s (NIST)- a private cloud model is a deployment model of cloud computing in which the cloud is dedicated to a certain organisation or company. Unlike public cloud, it is not shared among random users.

What is Private Cloud Hosting?

In a private cloud hosting or enterprise cloud hosting your web server is kept behind the firewall. All the resources are dedicated to your company or enterprise. A private cloud hosting could be utilized by a financial company (such as banks) to store its highly sensitive data. Private clouds are more customizable. Added security, leased lines, dedicated bandwidth, backup power resources are the additional benefits a private cloud hosting can give you but of course that does come up with a cost.

Private cloud hosting can be further divided into managed private cloud & Unmanaged private cloud.

In Managed private cloud, your cloud is managed by the vendor. They take care of security & the server management. However in an unmanaged private cloud, the enterprise handles the server and its operations.

Benefits of Private Cloud hosting

Privacy & Security: Needless to say private clouds are more secured as the data is separated and is behind the firewall. Your data is completely isolated and is in your control.

Additional control: If budget is not a problem, you have the control to power up the security or boost up the performance of the node. You can configure the cloud as per your requirements. Be it dedicated bandwidth, additional power backup solutions or custom configuration or software or hardware, you’re the man in charge here.

Difference between Public Cloud & Private Cloud

The main difference between Private & public cloud is that the hardware & software configuration of a public cloud is build to satisfy the requirements of multiple organisations whereas the private cloud is solely dedicated to one organisation and its infrastructure can be developed entirely dedicated to that only organisation giving more power to the end user.Private-v-Public-Cloud-Comparison

As Public cloud is open for everyone, it is less secure than private cloud as in private cloud, you data is isolated from others and you are only responsible for that. In case you are carrying a sensitive data, Private cloud should be your choice.

Another point to note here in security, In a public cloud, you don’t need to worry about the security of the data as it is the responsibility of the vendor however in a private cloud, you manage the data and hence you are responsible for its security (unless you opt for managed private cloud in which the vendor manages the data). 

Public or private? Which cloud is right for you?

Small or medium companies often chose public cloud as it is relatively cheaper. However large enterprises or the companies with sensitive data chose private cloud as it gives you more control on the data.



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