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cloud models and public cloud

What is Public Cloud

According to US National Institutes of Standards and Technology's (NIST), A public cloud is one of the four deployment models of cloud computing in which a public cloud provider offers resources such as bandwidth, storage, hardware etc available to the general public over the internet. Anyone can use the public cloud by paying the service charge. It may be free or on a pay-per-month model.

Definition of public computing: The public cloud can be defined as a multi-user environment, where you access & operate in a cloud computing environment that is shared with a number of other clients or tenants.

cloud models and public cloud

What is Public cloud hosting?

There is a minor difference between public cloud computing and pubic cloud hosting. The term computing has a wide subset which includes hosting, software, apps & services however the term cloud hosting relates cloud in a specific niche viz. web hosting (hosting files/scripts on cloud). 

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Public cloud hosting relates to a hosting solution to public where a cloud host allows users to use its resources without any restriction.

Leading Public Cloud companies in 2016

1. DigitalOcean- A cloud based web hosting company that provides cloud droplets to public on hourly basis (pay as you go model). Users can host their scripts, manage their server on their own and pay according to their usage. Digitalocean is the fastest growing cloud based web hosting company.

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2. Linode- Another popular cloud based web hosting company that falls under PaaS category and provides hosting to public (thus a public cloud provider) on a monthly basis.

3. Rackspace: Although rackspace offers both public & private cloud services, but they are one of the most popular name of cloud industry. They offer secure & enterprise class public cloud infrastructure to their clients.

4. Amazon EC2- Similar to rackspace, amazon ec2 is a public cloud where any random person can host its script by paying the charges.

5. Google App engine– Public Cloud company expanding furiously.

6. Microsoft Azure- Microsoft's cloud platform which is a perfect example of public cloud service vendor.



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